3rd Annual Chardonnay Day is May 24th

May 24th is the 3rd annual global #ChardDay.  This is an all-day worldwide event, where anyone and everyone who loves wine, especially Chardonnay, can get together personally with friends/neighbors and virtually swirl, sniff, sip, share insights, photos and tasting notes with anyone in the world.  If there is anything you wanted to know about this famous white grape or perhaps chat with someone in other Chardonnay-growing regions around the world, here is your chance.

The Wine

Chardonnay is one of the most popular grapes in the world and was made famous by the great white wines of the Burgundy region in France.  Look for new world Chardonnay, White Burgundy (including Chablis) or even Blanc de Blancs, which is sparkling wine made from Chardonnay.  Stop by your favorite local wine shop, host a party, or if you’re lucky enough to live near a wine region, look up a winery who is hosting an event, like yours truly, and go!  Some wineries will be offering serious discounts and specials leading up to the event so take advantage of the opportunity to taste something new!

Check out the Chardonnays available from the Cosentino website - Click HERE

Attend Cosentino’s Event

Date: Thursday, May 24th
Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Price: Complimentary for everyone
Where: Tasting Room - 7415 Saint Helena Highway (next to Mustard’s Grill) Yountville 94599 – MAP

Wines: ’06 Estate Chardonnay, ’10 Napa Valley, ’07 Secret Clone, ’07 Sculptor Magnum (and we’re hoping there may be a surprise taste from barrel too)

For more info:  http://cosentinochardday.eventbrite.com/

What to Say and Where to Say It

Even if you are hosting or attending an event follow along with and engage with the online conversation by following the hashtag created for this event on Twitter, which is #ChardDay or on the Facebook or Google+ page of your favorite winery.  Join the conversation with Cosentino at these links (    ) on May 24th for updates throughout the day.  If you’re technologically savvy, connect your PC to the TV or a computer screen so everyone can watch the stream of conversation like we will be doing on the big screen in the Barrel Room at Cosentino!  Share your tasting notes.  Include a picture of the bottle and your friends enjoying this awesome time together enjoying Chardonnay.  Ask questions and seek out your favorite wineries and winemakers as they just may be online providing unprecedented access.

Foursquare & Yelp

If you are attending an event or just going to a restaurant and decide to sip a Chard, be sure to check it in, make a comment or provide a review using the hashtag too.  Check the specials as the venue just may have something prepared for this day.  You never know.

Have Fun!

Most of all have fun and enjoy tasting wine with friends old and new, physical or virtual.  The wine communities like those on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagr.am, and Pinterest continue to grow and is a great place for passionate wine drinkers to learn more about wine, meet new friends or casually share what’s being sipped that night.  Cheers!

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