Toast With the Cellar Master and Learn the Influence of Oak Barrels

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Greetings from Cosentino and the beautiful cialis 5mg Napa Valley!  I’m very excited to bring you news about the VIP Barrel Tasting Program at Cosentino Winery.  We kicked off the barrel program in February


dissertation software this year, and we’ve received overwhelming positive responses from the many visitors who have already sampled the outstanding wines in our barrel room.

We feature very limited-production wines, straight from the barrel and into your waiting glass;  several of the wines have case production quantities of less than 50 cases.  All of the wines are “reserve quality”, and are not available in club shipments or in our tasting room…..the only way you can taste and purchase these rare wines is by booking a Grand Cru or Premier Cru Barrel Tasting.

No wine tasting would be complete without a little education;  in the barrel room, we’ll tailor the education to your group’s wine- knowledge level and level of interest – you can walk away with either enough barrel/oak information to make you dangerous, or we’ll make you a quasi barrel expert – your call.

In conclusion, when you’re in the Napa Valley, if you want to have some fun, taste some rare, outstanding wines and come away with a greater understanding of how important oak barrels are to a winemaker, book one of our barrel tasting experiences at Cosentino Winery – you’ll be happy you did, and we’ll look forward to hosting you and treating you to a truly special experience.

From the Barrel Room,

Steve Ross

Cellar Master


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