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Getting Social with Cosentino

You, our fervent Cosentino fans, are personally invited to a live interactive online event with our winemaker, Mitch Cosentino, and Cellar Master, Steve Ross!  We will be pouring and tasting our 2006 Poet and taking a sneak peek at our new Grand Vin Barrel Tasting.  The event will be streaming live April 26, 2012 at [...]

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Wine Tasting and Food Pairings with Mitch Cosentino at Captain’s Table Live!

Mitch will be setting sail with Jeff Kunde, of Kunde Family Estates, and Pat Roney, of Girard Winery, playing the role of personal escort to the lucky few who are on board the Mediterranean Wine Cruise in 2012.  To catch a glimpse of what the cruise is all about as well as the wine and [...]

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How to make a scottish christian louboutin womens boots great kilt My family tartan(Chattan)Was established in 1609 during the bond of union, which consolidated 16 separate clans for the purposes of common defense.Each individual clan or sept also has its own tartan, most of which date back to the 1400 1500 Some suggest asking permission [...]

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