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Red, White and Blueberry Pie

Summer is finally here once again and that usually means baseball, hot dogs and apple pie.  It is a time of swimming pools, no school, Disney vacations, backyard Bar-b-ques, outdoor concerts and jumping through sprinklers on the front lawn — remember doing that as a kid?  The Summertime draws nostalgia deep from our souls surfacing [...]

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CigarZin Pairing Winning Recipes

In October, Mitch announced the winner of our first ever CigarZin Recipe Challenge, which was Jayne Desimio’s Yippie Kai-yay! Chicken Bowl.  By popular demand, we have posted her winning recipe below as well as runners -up Kevin Newman and Lisa Cunningham.  Please give these recipes a try and tell how they were or feel free [...]

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goes michael kors crossbody bags uk down

The undying appeal of daisy dukes Some, such as man repeller fashion blogger leandra medine, call cutoffs chic.Others, such as commenters on instagram, have cold sweat flashbacks to jessica simpson in the dukes of hazzard.This duality is part of their allure.They suggest a sweet life of beachcombing, lazy saturdays and barefoot walks;They are also a [...]

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